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The perfect balance
between sweetness
and acidity


Growing distinctive,
high-quality citrus
fruits in Europe


A scarce and exclusive fruit in the Europe market
European production of easy-peeler tangerine varieties is limited by the
restricted number of licenses provided by patent owners, creating higher
barriers to entry for production. As a result, this premium citrus fruit is a
scarce and exclusive delicacy.

Portugal, the Ideal location for Citrus Fruit production
Aquaterra holds the rights to produce Nadorcott Tangerines, a patented
variety of the easy peeler tangerines, in Portugal. Our production benefits
from the perfect combination of a Mediterranean climate, well-draining
sandy soil, and careful irrigation techniques, creating an ideal environment
for growing the distinctive easy-peeler tangerines.

Tangerines are packed
with essential nutrients

A single 70g serving of easy
peeler tangerine contains:

40mg vitamin C
35mcg vitamin A
150mg of potassium
15mcg of folate
2g of fiber
A health and wellness boost

A single serving provides 40 mg vitamin C, 2g of fiber, 8g of carbohydrates, 150mg of potassium, and other. All these nutrients work together to improve digestion, cardiovascular health, and cellular function.

Vitamin C Powerhouse

A single 70g serving of easy peeler tangerine provides
50% of your daily intake of Vitamin C,
which is a
powerful antioxidant.